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My life as an artist began with a simple coloring book, some crayons and scotch tape. With those three items I created a gallery in my bedroom where I sold my masterpieces to every person who dared to step foot in my room (and funded my candy habit).

A desire to make art my living led to a B.A. in Computer Animation from the University of Central Florida, many years competing in festival poster contests as well as a career as a Graphic Design.

My path to drawing pet portraits was not a straight one by any means, but after many years exploring various artistic methods and avenues, I’ve combined my love for animals with my passion for creating art in order to offer custom colored pencil hand drawn portraits.

With every request that crosses my path, I specialize in capturing what makes that animal unique and strive to highlight it in their portrait. If you’re interested in ordering a portrait for yourself or as a gift, please do not hesitate to reach out via email:

I currently offer the following sizes: 9 x 12 an 11 x 14.

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