A bit of history behind the self professed "Animal Portraiture Artist"

My life as an artist began with a simple coloring book, some crayons and scotch tape. With those three items I created a gallery in my bedroom where I sold my masterpieces to every person who dared to step foot in my room... my chosen path reaffirmed with every nickel I collected.

Not too far after the success of my grade school gallery, I decided that my calling in life was animation. Disney animation to be exact. So when it came time to choose a college I elected to attend the University of Central Florida in Orlando and received a B.A. in Computer Animation.


Then I realized a career spent in a dark computer lab was not my cup of tea, and so I went back to my colored pencils and began entering my work in festival poster contests. And I was good at it. I moved on to creating my own pieces for sale and enjoyed that medium for almost a decade. Then I hit a wall. I could hold the pencil, but I couldn't bring my ideas to life. ​


So I took a year off from art and tried my hand at painting. It was fun, but I missed my pencils terribly. Years later... on a whim, I one day blew the dust off my old supplies and decided to draw my dog. And just like that I was back in love with my old medium and was able to combine my two loves: animals and drawing.


So if you're looking to get a portrait created of your pet, or want to gift someone with a portrait please message me. All I need are good, clear quality photos to work off of. The more details I can see, the better the results!