A bit of history behind the self professed "Animal Portraiture Artist"

My life as an artist began with a simple coloring book, some crayons and scotch tape. With those three items I created a gallery in my bedroom where I sold my masterpieces to every person who dared to step foot in my room... my chosen path reaffirmed with every nickel I collected.

Not too far after the success of my grade school gallery, I decided that my calling in life was animation. Disney animation to be exact. So, when it came time to choose a college I elected to attend the University of Central Florida in Orlando and received a B.A. in Computer Animation.

Upon realizing a career spent in a dark computer lab was not my cup of tea, I went back to my colored pencils and began entering my work in festival poster contests in the Northwest Florida Region. After winning a few festival posters I decided to dip my own feet in the festival circuit and moved on to creating my own pieces for sale. But it soon dawned on me that something was missing.

Not long after this realization, I relocated to Atlanta. And while on a walk one day I noticed every single person I passed had a dog. That was when it dawned on me: I could combine my two loves: animals and art by focusing on commissioned pet portraits.

So, if you're looking to get a portrait created of your pet or want to gift someone with a portrait please message me. All I need are good, clear quality photos to work off of. The more details I can see, the better the results!